The transport part of the excursion is to the resort area, walking part of the tour - the historical center of Odessa. Completes the tour visiting the museum of wax figures, where you'll see those personalities, you’ve heard about during the tour.
- Duration : 3: 00

Criminal Odessa
Crime Life of Odessa started with those long time, when the director of Odessa customs Kiryakov to “wrest the appropriation” for construction works at the port gave a bribe to the Emperor Paul I - three thousand ... oranges. And then the imperial edict of a free port (free harbor) in the city of Odessa has attracted many businessmen from all over Europe and Russia, that were “laundering” capitals, and following them lumpens poured  in Odessa - escaped convicts, deserters, tramps, adventurers ...
- Duration: 2:25

Tour “Temples of Odessa”
Cosmopolitan city, many different religions coexist in Odessa. During the tour you will visit the Cathedral of the Transfiguration, monasteries and nunneries, the Muslim cultural center, a Jewish synagogue, a seminary, you will learn about the revival and restoration of numerous religious monuments and shrines (visiting monasteries and nunneries, churches of different religious denominations)
- Duration: 2:25

Tour “Mysteries of  Odessa catacombs”
Odessa, from birth, was built on limestone rock that was mined from the ground floor. Therefore, underground labyrinths were formed under the city. They keep the secrets of the past ...
- Duration: 2:25